Devil's Walk

Based on “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Devil’s Walk, set in the low country of the Georgia coast, is the story of an elder sister attending to younger orphaned siblings. Spurred by her need to clear her family’s reputation, the sister sets off into the woods to face the devil himself, whom she believes has brought calamity to her family’s name. Dark, severe, and scary as the original story. As she takes the Devil’s Walk, and explores the hearts and souls of her townspeople, she learns that the devil might not be the thing she has to fear.

Content Advisory: “Devil’s Walk” contains horror themes and scary moments including occult and demonic imagery.

Back Alley Productions
LaFayette, GA

Contact: 7066212870

Back Alley Productions

117 N Chattanooga St.
LaFayette, GA 30728


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